KA210-Youth - Shared Spaces

Co-Creating* Inclusive Environments for Migrant and Local Communities (Applicant: Sweden)

The project aims to address issues related to social isolation and exclusion of migrant groups in marginalised, and remote districts, where community spaces lack diversity and inclusive activities. Limited resources and ineffective communication channels further hinder community involvement and social integration prospects.

*Co-creation process envisioned

By involving the migrant community directly in shaping the approach and activities, the project seeks to empower young migrants by giving them agency and a voice in decision-making processes. This approach ensures cultural sensitivity and relevance, fostering an inclusive environment that resonates with their diverse backgrounds. It also builds trust, enhances the effectiveness and sustainability of initiatives, and facilitates mutual learning between the migrants and the organisations. Moreover, co-creation aids in social integration and community building, breaking down stereotypes and promoting cohesion. Importantly, it addresses power imbalances, positioning migrants as equal partners with valuable insights, thereby transforming the dynamic from a one-way integration effort to an inclusive, collaborative process.

Youth workers and NGOs play a crucial role as facilitators, mentors, and connectors in this project. They are responsible for creating safe, welcoming environments where young migrants can freely express themselves and participate in co-creation. Through learning from each other, these organisations will act as bridges between the migrant youth and local communities, helping to foster understanding and integration. They will provide support, resources, and guidance, ensuring that the activities and programs developed are inclusive, relevant, and responsive to the needs of the migrants. 




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Goodness of People

So what we will do during 14 months: 


Engage a community of young migrants from SE, DE, PL and ES


Run survey and focus group discussions in each country 


Run a specialised training course/working group in Sweden, Orrefors on 24th of May/1st of June. 


Local dissemination activities

Good example. Pingstkyrkan in Nybro

We are happy to share with you what we already done:

Check it out what organisations with shared spaces we have in Sweden.

Good example. Kompis Sverige

Good example. Help in Change

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