KA210-ADULTS Access 2 Success

The ultimate goal is to challenge the digital divide and ensure that our target groups can access the benefits of the digital society. Be equipping them with skills&knowledge related to Digital Competences, Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship.

Target group:

Migrants and Social workers dealing with migrants, Youth workers and Educators.

We will focus on 5 areas:

1. information and data literacy skills
2. communication and collaboration skills
3. safety skills
4. digital content creation skills
5. problem-solving skills




Culture goes Europe




Goodness of People

So what we will do during 15 months: 

We will facilitate a Focus groups and Case studies with LTUA and NEET adults and Adult Education services from the partners communities and networks, to assess the exact needs of marginalized communities and working approaches to this issue in adult education sector
We will develop a Methodology and Tools of education, based on NFE principles
We will have a training course/ working group with the staff and members of the consortium 
We will do a multiplication through structured dialogue with stakeholders and target groups, as well as the development of a casebook, & formalisation of long-term cooperation through a digital network. 

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