Story telling photography

The aim of this project is to share international experience and help educators prepare quality
training in their countries. I.e. to improve their activities, include modern tools in them and
provide young adults with more professional skills in photography through non-formal education.
Also to apply those skills in their work and personal life in the long term perspective.

We have best partner

We are so thankful to our partners Danish Youth Team, Social Steps and Seiklejate Vennaskond for cooperation during the whole process. Together, we have navigated challenges, celebrated victories, and worked hard to achieve our shared goals. Your commitment to excellence and your willingness to go above and beyond have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for your cooperation, dedication, and partnership. It is truly a privilege to work alongside you.


Social Steps


Danish Youth Team


Seiklejate Vennaskond


Goodness of People

Last, but not least we are thankful to the NordPlus fund for ideas that become a reality. The resources and opportunities made available through Nordplus Fund have enabled us to amplify our impact and reach new heights of success. With Nordplus support, we have been able to embark on innovative projects, engage with diverse communities, and make meaningful contributions. Thank you for your continued belief in our vision. We look forward to the opportunities that await us as we embark on this journey together.

Project consisted of 3 stages:

  • 1st stage. 2023 september
    Transnational meeting in Sweden, Orrefors. During this training course professional photographer Gediminas Treciokas provided information about:

    -Challenges of the visual media in the modern age,
    -A visual, as a main tool to attract attention,
    -Photography as a visual language and means of communication,
    -The recipe for the perfect photograph,
    -Storytelling in photography,
    -Light and composition,
    -Turning ordinary events into extraordinary images (principles of documentary photography and photojournalism),
    -Technical challenges (photographic gear, exposure, and other common issues, etc.),
    -Integrating photography into the marketing strategy in NGO.

    Organisations staff members during 3 day training shared valuable knowledge in their countries, what good and bad experiences they face in their daily work. Discussed, made connections and future goals.
  • 2nd stage. 2023 september - 2024 april. 
    Activities in partner countries. Partner organisations implemented 3-4 activities in their region according to the picked topic of their activity to create awareness of global and socially important topics. Adapted gained information to their social media, brand and marketing, had seminars, meetings, training courses with the rest of the team and their audience. 
  • 3rd stage. 2024 April.
    Transnational meeting in Sweden, Orrefors. During this last stage all partners gathered for project conclusions: represented their activities done on the 2nd stage, discussed issues and further plans.

    Professional photographer Gediminas Treciokas provided more information about storytelling photography, also he included AI as a tool to reach best results, showed programs and the way we should work with them. During this stage collaboration with local company Nybro energy was created.

    As NGO’s are raising awareness to globally/socially important topics, this time water pollution and natural energy sources were presented by the company, participants were asked to take some photos and show how they understand natural energy. These photos will have a huge impact to society, because Nybro energy want to make city more beautiful and by using photos, made by participants, cover electricity station boxes all around Nybro municipality.

    This is an amazing opportunity for us not only to raise awareness about natural energy, but also to share the Nordplus fund, as an amazing opportunity for everyone to gain more knowledge, make the municipality more attractive and make influence to the local community.

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